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Whether you were injured on the job, were not paid the wages you were due, or were wrongfully terminated- you have rights and the labor laws on your side. At Ellis & Ellis, we have seen our fair share of labor law cases that horrify us. As employees, you have three basic employment rights. The right to know, the right to participate, and the right to refuse unsafe work. If you believe those rights have been compromised, you are in the right place.

The attorneys at Ellis & Ellis understand the struggle and anxiety of having to go face to face with your employer to ensure your rights are protected and complied with. If you are facing issues at work whether its discrimination, sexual harassment, or anything you believe legally violates your workers rights, give us a call! We want to make sure you are provided a safe working space, like the space we provide for our employees.

At Ellis & Ellis, we believe you are due the basic minimum and more as an employee. Jobs depend on employees and employees deserve to be compensated and treated fairly while on the job.

With over 10 years of experience, our attorneys are proud to protect those who serve and work for this country to make sure it continues thriving. Our attorneys are experienced with all kinds of labor law cases and will proudly fight for your just cause.


Types of Labor LAw Cases:

  • wrongful termination

  • Unfair treatment

  • discrimination/harassment

  • F.M.L.A

  • Un-paid wages

  • workers compensation

  • unsafe work conditions

  • and more...

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