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criminal defense


If you are looking for a private attorney to represent you in criminal matters, look no further. We believe we are more than just your average defense attorneys that show up for your court dates. We go above the bare minimum to ensure you can trust us and make sure you are prepared and informed on what is happening with your case. Obtaining a lawyer is crucial if you are looking to be represented fairly and have someone with experience by your side.

The attorneys at Ellis & Ellis understand the difficulty and the frustration that comes with criminal cases of all time. You can trust us to work hard to make sure that we explore every possible option with you, to ensure you walk away guilt-free or the best option on the table. 

At Ellis & Ellis, we started our firm based on criminal defense and have only expanded since then. With over 10 years of expertise and multiple attorneys who all specialize in criminal defense, we have your best interests at heart when we go to court.

Types of Criminal Defense Cases:

  • Drug Use/ Narcotics

  • DuI

  • Exonerations

  • Disorderly conduct

  • assault/battery

  • domestic violence

  • aiding and abetting

  • (and much more!)

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